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10 ways instant noodles can kill you instantly – You need to change your eating habit


Ways instant noodles can kill you: Instant noodles is a fast, cheap and easy to cook food for the man on the go but do you know it can kill you. There is really nothing as good as home made food, you need to cultivate that habit of cooking and …

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MUST READ!! 10 ways Massage can improve Your Sexual Performance And Guard your Body Against Sickness


A massage isn’t just an indulgement it’s good for the mind, body and soul. Massage is an investment in one’s health. The body is the most amazing engineered piece of equipment ever created or formed. It’s crazy to think one’s car, clothes or phones receives more attention than some people’s …

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7 HIV Symptoms to Watch out for in Women


In the United States, about two out of every three new cases of HIV infections in women are due to unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Sharing infected needles for drug use is another leading cause. Early symptoms of HIV infection may be mild and easily dismissed. Even without …

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Be careful : See the 5 Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens


Microwaves are a simple and convenient way of cooking for millions of people around the world – they are cheap, widely available, and can prepare your food in minutes. The microwave oven is one of the favorite kitchen appliances in the USA for more than three decades, but have you …

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After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away Rice Water again


Household products often possess some unbelievable health benefits. Rice water, for example, is one of nature’s beauty secrets. We usually throw away the water after the rice is done, but what we should really do is keep it and use it for our skin. It is rich in vitamins and …

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Dark spots or hyper-pigmentation is a skin problem that can affect men and women of all ages, and can be very embarrassing and make people self-conscious. They are usually caused by excessive production of melanin in the human body. People who have darker skin are more prone to have this …

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If You Eat 2 Bananas Per Day For A Month Non Stop, This Is What Happens To Your Body!


ou might not have heard that banana is the number 1 consumed food in the United States, even more commonly consumed than oranges and apples combined. Yet, every now and then, there is some new exotic fruit that is popularized as the newest health revolution, so we often underrate bananas. …

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No More Condoms – Doctors Announce HIV / AIDS Cure – ( 2 people healed already )


Barcelona – Research using man-made, blood-forming stem cells has shown great promise in animal experiments in suppressing HIV. But now a grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has funded a clinical trial using those bio-engineered stem cells to treat HIV patients who have lymphoma, a deadly cancer …

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After reading this piece, you will start eating pawpaw regularly

There is something interesting about pawpaw as a fruit. Also known as Carica papaya, this tropical fruit with Central America and Southern Mexico origins is sweet and delicious. Although this fruit can also be found in other tropical regions, people have derived different uses for it in accordance with their …

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3 Things You Should Do Very Fast When The C ondom Bursts During S ex; This Is For You Men


1. Take PEP Pills (For HIV Prevention) On the off chance that you think that he individual you were shagging with is a mobile cadaver, and you can’t inspire them to run get tried with you, you have to take PEP pills (Post Exposure Pills). A great many people don’t …

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Millions Of People Are Still Drinking Cancer-Causing Soda And Don’t Know What It Does To Their Body!


According to recent Statistics conducted by health researchers, It shows that soda is now the most commonly consumed beverage, accounting for more than a quarter of all drinks that are sold in the U.S. For instance, in 2000, there were more than 50 billion gallons sold in the U.S. , …

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This Powerful Drink Is Ideal For Weight Loss, Shiny Skin And Less Cellulite


This powerful drink is ideal for weight loss because of its composition of flaxseed and boiling water. Flaxseed contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It cleans the body from toxins, lowers blood sugar and reduces the appetite. It is and ideal combo for weight loss! Preparation: At …

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Unbelievable : See What This Lady Did With Herself In The Space Of 3 Years..


The power of determination and focus. This lady has become a “hot cake” following her huge transformation in the space of three years (2013 to 2016). She’s now receiving praises from those who once made mockery of her size.

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Best Method : See How To Whiten Your Teeth in 3 minutes at home


There is nothing in the world more embarrassing than yellowish teeth that can often make you the center of fun. Medications, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, drinks, foods, dental materials, disease, advancing age, environments, trauma and genetics are just some of the reasons that cause discolored and yellow teeth. Being …

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9 Reasons Why A Woman’s VÀG!NÀ will SMELL & What to Do When You Have ODOR


Vág!nál odor is any odor that originates from the Vág!ná. It’s normal for your Vág!ná to have a slight odor. But, a strong Vág!nál odor. For instance, a fishy smell, might be abnormal and could indicate a problem. It is normal that it has a certain odor sometimes. Whether this …

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You Will Never Throw Away The Banana Peel After Reading This


Bananas are the most popular tropical fruit worldwide. This amazing yellow fruit contains three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose, along with fiber. Nutritionists explain that they give instant nourishing amount of energy. One research has shown that only 2 bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90 -minute operation. …

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10 Health Benefits Of Unripe Plantain


These are 10 health benefits you’ll be getting from eating unripe plantain. 1. It enriches the heart. Unripe plantain contains some amount of serotonin which dilates the arteries, improves blood flow and reduces homocystine (a condition that causes coronary artery disease and stroke). It richness in potassium makes it heart …

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Common Signs the Woman You are Having S*x with is Infected


As a man, if you are s*xually active, you should also be alert for signs that the woman you are having s*x with could have a S*xually Transmitted Disease. It is important that you always stay safe s*xually, as S*xually Transmitted Diseases are the most common kinds. As a man, …

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Health Tips: If You’re Eating These 6 Things, Soon You Will Have Very Weak Ere.ctions And Will Not Last In Bed


To you, the word diet means downgrading from the super size option to a large. A slice of pizza serves as your foodpyramid. You double-fist soda and your heartbeat picks up at the faint sound of suya sizzling in the distance. You are a man, and you are a carnivore. Burgers …

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Actor Frank Artus born to Egyptian dad and Liberian mum has confirmed to Amanda Jissih on Gh One TV that some actresses have bad breath


Actor Frank Artus born to Egyptian dad and Liberian mum has confirmed to Amanda Jissih on Gh One TV that some actresses have bad breath. The actor on E-Talk entertainment show sharing some of his bad moments on set told the show host that he wished he could act some …

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