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“How I Slept With A Dog In Victoria Island For Money” – Lagos Big Girl Cries Out


Popular relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, shared the story of a Unilag babe, who needs advice after recounting her s*xual experience with an Alsatian dog organised by some white men for a huge amount of money. According to the story, the girl in question is an orphan and poverty made her …

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Nigerian Men : See The Reasons Why You Should Never Marry a Nurse


Nursing profession is a calling, just like NUNS. These people always attend to patients in critical conditions as well as stable conditions. The psychological torture they go through make them lose interest in bedroom matters, which is why they are cold in bed. It is also reported that Nurses, on …

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See The Seven (7) Good Reasons Why Men Prefer B!gger Women


There are a lot of reasons to love bigger women over skinny ones as a lot of slim girls lack essential factors inherent in bigger ones. These factors range from fertility to beauty and they are the things most men look out for. For this reason, we bring to you …

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See the dirty habits of Nigerian university girls that will annoy you


Dirty habits of Nigerian campus girls – Naija campus babes na! I wonder when they will realize that a campus is NOT meant to be a battleground for the finest and fittest. They carry themselves in an over-pompous and unpleasant manner that simply displays their sheer ignorance. 1. Bribery It’s pointless!  …

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Ladies : See The Foods That Make Your Buttocks Bigger Naturally


Men everywhere now want women with big backsides, while women are doing everything possible in order to have one. Before you join the surgery wagon, or kill yourself doing 100 squats a day, know that there are foods that you can eat in order for your backside to grow naturally, …

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Photos: Love Making Robots With Fully Functional Genitalia, Set To Hit The Market Next Year, To Cost £12,000 (Must See)


S ex robots with fully functioning genitalia are set to hit the market next year and will cost up to £12,000. The next generation of dolls are likely to be hyper realistic with features never seen before. They will have built-in heaters which so they have genuine body warmth and …

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Checkout This Female Soldier And Her Husband-To-Be’s Pre-Wedding Photos


What do you think of these pre-wedding photos of a female soldier andher husband-to-be. Many are saying the groom shouldn’t have depicted “Being submissive to his wife”… While others see it as romantic. What do you think? Photos below:

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My Girlfriend Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love With Her Anymore, What Do I Do?


The man shared his story showing just how he has been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Below is what he wrote: I am 32 years old and my girlfriend is 31 years old. We’ve been together for 5 years and now live together in a nice …

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A gym instructor paid £4,000 to get better boobs – but it made her breasts so big they exploded. Kim Brockhurst, 51, went under the knife hoping to increase her 32AA breasts by two cup sizes. But she was horrified when she came round after£4,000 surgery to find she had …

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This will blow your mind !! Mercy confess online how his uncle used her as S ex toy (video)


This will blow your mind.

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Help Me! I Love My Boyfriend But My Boss Gives Me the Best S ex Ever


Dear readers, My boss gives me the most incredible orgasms and has become like a drug to me. I have a boyfriend, though, who doesn’t deserve all this. He’s 29 and I’m 27. We are both estate agents but work in different branches. My boss came in to take over …

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My Husband Lied He Was A ‘Businessman’, After Marriage I Found Out He Sells Popcorn – Woman Tells Court


One Margaret Agwu, on Friday, sought the dissolution of her 33-year-old marriage to her husband, Onu, at an Igando Customary Court in Lagos. She lamented that her husband sometimes strips her naked and beats her to pulp and narrated how her husband deceived her and her parents and paid just …

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5 Powerful Skills To Help You Last Longer While Making Love – Without Taking Drugs


Dealing with premature ejac ulation can be a real killer in any relationship but the good news is that with the right advice you can learn how to last longer in bed and get your love life back on track. Author of the top selling book Last Longer Now, Adam …

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So Shameful: Look At What America Celebrities Are Putting On Nowadays…(Photos)


In the World of stupid fashion and nonsense lifestyles.. All these trashes are indicating End time is Near More Photos Below Jaimie Alexander  Iggy Azalea

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See Photos As Cristiano Ronaldo’s £15m Jet Crash Lands At Airport


Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo will be grounded for the foreseeable future after the superstar’s private jet crashed on landing at Barcelona’s El Prat airport. The Portuguese is about to get a bumper new contract from Real Madrid, and that payrise will come in handy as he prepares for a …

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5 Unbelievable Things Females Do After Unprotected S3x To Avoid Getting Pregnant


Things Females Do After Unprotected S3x To Avoid Getting Pregnant – They say women are more scared of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/Aids. I am not sure about the authenticity of the statement,but you get the point. Women will go at extra lengths to ensure they DO NOT get pregnant. …

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“I’m Sleeping with a Married Woman And She Is Too Sweet” – Youth Corper Opens Up


A National Youth Service Corp member is currently engaged in an active illicit s*xual relationship with a married woman who he thinks he’s in love with. The young youth corper sleeping with an old woman who is 34 despite being married with kids is seeking advance on his feeling for …

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5 Lies Every Lady Tells Her Man


Here are the top lies every woman tells: 1. He’s just a friend I bet a lot of guys will read this, then go query their babes. Often times, he is not just a friend. We just don’t wahala so we claim friendship. But sometimes, a male jogging buddy is …

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Illicit Whatsapp Conversation Between a Nigerian Man and Lady Leaks Online…See Startling Details


A man has leaked a private conversation of what was supposed to be romantic between him and a lady he met online which has turned out to be a scam scheme. The trend of petty online scam by Nigerian ladies is on the rise probably due to the spate of …

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Things Ladies Think About While Preparing To Make Love With A Guy For The First Time


So, ladies are a nervous bunch when it gets to that point in a relationship when it is time to get intimate with the man in their lives for the first time. Doesn’t matter if it is one, three or six months after they meet but there will always be questions …

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