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Guys, Five Reasons You Should Never Try Anal S*x


Ordinarily, there should be only one (main) route to sexual satisfaction – intercourse, but in reality, people have devised several means to that destination, and one of the ways some people have adopted is anal s*x. This means s*x through the anus. And the act seems to be growing, because …

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See The Seven (7) Good Reasons Why Men Prefer B!gger Women


There are a lot of reasons to love bigger women over skinny ones as a lot of slim girls lack essential factors inherent in bigger ones. These factors range from fertility to beauty and they are the things most men look out for. For this reason, we bring to you …

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I Took S,e x Herbs to Satisfy My Wife on Her Birthday But This Shocking Thing Happened – Man Narrates Bad Experience


A married man is currently suffering from an unhappy and se x-starved marriage following the attitude of his wife who seems to be boldly failing in her duties. Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a man who induced himself with se x herbs for the purpose of boosting his …

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“I Caught My Boyfriend Red Handed Making Love To His Own Mother In Their Home”


The young woman shared her bizarre story online. According to her, she recently walked in on her boyfriend having s*x with his own mother. This development, needless to say, has left her totally devastated. Below is how she put the story: I am completely traumatized right now. I can’t even …

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My Girlfriend Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love With Her Anymore, What Do I Do?


The man shared his story showing just how he has been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Below is what he wrote: I am 32 years old and my girlfriend is 31 years old. We’ve been together for 5 years and now live together in a nice …

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A young lady who is fast becoming Bis exual has opened up on her strange behavioural tendencies despite having a boyfriend that sleeps with her regularly. There is an irregular report that several ladies are lesbians or bis exuals wihout full realization of their S exual orientation until an opportunity …

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Top 10 Things That MEN Want From WOMAN — The Brutal Truth


1 SÉX Admit it — you saw this one coming. Yes, we want séx. Often. In fact, just about any time and any place. But there’s more to it than just séx. We also like other signs of your affection, so hold hands with us or give us a spontanéous …

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Christian Lady Who Fell In Love With Muslim Guy After Several ‘Christian Guys’ Broke Her Heart, Needs Your Advise


Hi… Please I prefer if my ID is hidden. When I was young I told myself that @ a certain age I will be one man babe….along d line I went into setting my goals (relationship wise), I’ve dated guys who were Christians and just two Muslims. The Christian guys …

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Help Me! I Love My Boyfriend But My Boss Gives Me the Best S ex Ever


Dear readers, My boss gives me the most incredible orgasms and has become like a drug to me. I have a boyfriend, though, who doesn’t deserve all this. He’s 29 and I’m 27. We are both estate agents but work in different branches. My boss came in to take over …

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Hey Guys, 4 places you shouldn’t touch on her body during se x…It disgusts her


Great se x is all about spontaneity and exploration—assuming, of course, you have her consent—but there are a few parts of her body you shouldn’t touch willy-nilly. Here are four such spots you’re better off avoiding. (For explicit instructions on where and how you should touch her, check out How …

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3 fun ways to completely satisfy your woman in bed


Does your woman scream your name when having sex with you? If no, make it happen tonight with just 1 single natural solution. It is fun and the experience is superb and mind blowing. You are not a real man if you have never made a woman reach orgasm, she …

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My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Own Mother And Now We’re Both Pregnant – Young Lady Cries Out


The young lady shared her story on Tuko where she told startled readers about her boyfriend and mother. According to her, she found out that her boyfriend and her mother have been getting intimate for a while while she was still in the relationship. To make matters worse, both she …

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Hey Ladies: These Are 7 Items You Should Keep In Your Handbag For Quickies… Take Note!!!


As s*xually liberated and experimental as I am, I’ve never really been too keen on the idea of having quickies. The thought of being intimately touched after a hectic day at the office – I have to admit actually kills my mood. Don’t get me wrong, this in no way …

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I’m sure a lot of us have wondered, “Am I bad in bed?” from time to time. It’s a tough question to ask, and the truth is your partner may not be 100 percent honest with their response, even if you work up the nerve to say anything to them. …

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My Husband Lied He Was A ‘Businessman’, After Marriage I Found Out He Sells Popcorn – Woman Tells Court


One Margaret Agwu, on Friday, sought the dissolution of her 33-year-old marriage to her husband, Onu, at an Igando Customary Court in Lagos. She lamented that her husband sometimes strips her naked and beats her to pulp and narrated how her husband deceived her and her parents and paid just …

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My Girlfriend Has Been Threatening Me for S*x but I Can’t Do It for ‘This Reason’ – Man Opens Up


This man has refused to have s*x with his girlfriend of three years despite her strong protests and threats. Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a celibate man who is currently being threatened by his beautiful lover of many years. He is currently at the risk of …

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5 Powerful Skills To Help You Last Longer While Making Love – Without Taking Drugs


Dealing with premature ejac ulation can be a real killer in any relationship but the good news is that with the right advice you can learn how to last longer in bed and get your love life back on track. Author of the top selling book Last Longer Now, Adam …

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Works Perfectly!! How To Catch Your Cheating Lover [You Need To See This]


Does your instinct tell you that your lover is cheating? Use these simple techniques to catch them red handed. 1. Observe; If there’s a change in your partner’s behaviour or routine, if he or she has started working out or dressing better, are the changes spontaneous and out of the blues? …

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Guys Here Are 7 Things Women Find Highly Attractive In A Man


Women are confusing creatures. We know. The list of what women find attractive in men, and what women don’t find attractive, is long and at times, contradictory. You might think that figuring them out is impossible… …and while there isn’t a secret recipe for understanding every woman, there are a few things that …

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5 Unbelievable Things Females Do After Unprotected S3x To Avoid Getting Pregnant


Things Females Do After Unprotected S3x To Avoid Getting Pregnant – They say women are more scared of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/Aids. I am not sure about the authenticity of the statement,but you get the point. Women will go at extra lengths to ensure they DO NOT get pregnant. …

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