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VERY SAD! Nollywood Loses Another Actor (See Photo)

As his death has thrown the entire movie industry into another round of mourning. According to reports, Mike died after a brief illness at the general hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos with the nature of the sickness unknown as at the time of this report. He has acted the role of interpreter in a number of Nollywood movies including, the popular flick, ‘Prophet of Doom.’ He was also known for his role in the much-acclaimed movie, ‘Igodo,’ in which he was buried alive.


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  1. Rest in perfect peac,wil lov u bt god. lov u most

  2. Mehn miss u bro till thy kingdom kom

  3. It’s a pity, i miss you, but God love you.

  4. Hmm God…..

  5. Rest in the Bosom of the Lord till the then

  6. p/s I want to know the persons name that died p/s you guys tell me

  7. Quinn kris tia nha

    R i p mike;;;;see u in heaven;;;luv u dearly#smh#.

  8. shaibu m sanni

    R.I.P my man.

  9. This story is true, can’t you guys see?

  10. rest in peace if truly the story is true, we can only cry and wish that you will come back but so sad becus even thou we cry the ocean, you will never come back and beside wishes are not horses, the question now says, where will you spend your eternity, is it hell were their will be gnashing of teeth or is it heaven were their will be hearts shouting out for joy and giving glory to the holy one of isreal, pls my dear brothers and sisters, lets use this golden opportunity that God has given to us to turn our ways and live a life that will be pleasing to God and that will give him glory, tomoro may be too late. stop thinking about what your friend will say when you give your life to Christ because he/she does not know the secret about heaven which made Satan to say that he will not stay in hell alone, hell fire is not a place to be and it is not meant for the children of God, where you spend your eternity maters a lot and may all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen

  11. please what is the name of the actor that died?

  12. rip we luv u but God love u most

  13. it takes a heart to make a mark- rest in peace

  14. Rest in perfect peac,wil love u bt God love you most

  15. Show me the pictures of the dead person

  16. all of u too can nw rest in pieces if u cant name d person

  17. Rest in perfect peace, we luv ywe buh God luv ywe most .

  18. May you rest in peace and we that still remain may Almighty God give us long life amen

  19. may your sole jentle perfeat rest in peace

  20. This information may not be true. How come that the dead man’s picture is not shown. Meanwhile, readers were directed to ” see photo”, of course, no photo was shown anywhere. Everybody has been left waiting.

  21. Rest in Perfect Peace Bro

  22. I don’t believe

  23. Why is this government so full of lies? They deceived all of us and took themselves to power, now the lies are even on the increase. i am so ashamed of them all, they told us Mr. President was going for a 10 days vacation, rumour had it that, it wasn’t vacation but he was very sick and has been rushed to London for surgery. After the expiration of 10 days they said the president is now sick and his coming back is indefinite, Now the lairs said Mr. President is hale and hearty (meaning he is healthy and strong) but rumour had it that Mr. President is death. Now the question is… if truely Mr. President is hale and hearty, what is he doing in London or wherever he is, when a country under is watch is in recession. Nigerians are suffering and dying everyday. Lies has never help anybody not to talk of a nation. God only you i know….

  24. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and go to where it belong

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