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5 Powerful Skills To Help You Last Longer While Making Love – Without Taking Drugs

Dealing with premature ejac ulation can be a real killer in any relationship but the good news is that with the right advice you can learn how to last longer in bed and get your love life back on track.

Author of the top selling book Last Longer Now, Adam Davey says the best way to increase your lasting time in bed is to treat your s exual performance as something that can be developed and improved through using the correct techniques and doing some training.

Adam points out that training to last longer in bed is really not much different to how you would train to improve at a sport. He says most guys who tend to ejac ulate prematurely do not have anything wrong with them.

They just have never been taught all the skills and techniques a guy need to know to be able to control the eja culatory system.

While learning all of these many skills will take a few weeks to master completely, here are 5 great ways to help you start lasting longer in bed right away. Why not put them into action tonight!

Get you breathing right

This is number one for good reason, and that’s because is dead easy to do and it can start helping you straight away. The truth is most guys who have a hard time lasting bed don’t breath correctly so it’s important to get this right. Don’t forget – you should start this breathing technique before you have begun intercourse otherwise it can be too late. Here’s what to do:

Breath in steadily but deeply for 10 – 12 seconds Hold for just a moment – no longer than 2 seconds Exhale steadily for 12 to 15 seconds And it’s as simple as that. While you are breathing out, try to imagine your whole body relaxing as all the stress and tension is being released from your body

Start with the right position

For guys who have a hard time lasting in bed the initial two minutes on intercourse are the real danger time. After this initial period the odds of you being able to last longer start to increase rapidly. That’s why you should always start with a position you feel comfortable with to give you a chance to get used to the s exual sensation allowing you to work your way into it.

All guys a different in the way each position stimulates them but as a general rule the positions where you use you core muscles less are better for lasting such as where you lying on your back or side. Then one you have got used to the feeling you can switch to some other positions.

Get in the zone

You may have heard of the distraction technique before, or even tried it yourself by trying to think of anything but s ex to try and decrease your arousal. Well this method is the opposite to that and it work a lot better.

It’s all about getting in the zone Here’s what you do – As s ex begins you should start really zoning into everything you are feeling, seeing hearing and touching. Make sure you are caressing her all over and really focus in on the way her body feels as you move your hands around. Notice the way the sheets feel on your skin, the way her hair feels as it brushes your face… I’m talking about everything here.

What this will do if done correctly is two very important things. Firstly it will stop you only thinking about the sensation on your penls which will reduce some of the perceived hypersensitivity there, and secondly it will make sure your mind is keyed in and relaxed. The worst thing you can do during s ex is to start thinking about what will happen if you can’t last in bed so this will help prevent the chances of that. You partner will also notice how tuned in you are and she will absolutely love it

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