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3 Things You Should Do Very Fast When The C ondom Bursts During S ex; This Is For You Men

1. Take PEP Pills (For HIV Prevention)

On the off chance that you think that he individual you were shagging with is a mobile cadaver, and you can’t inspire them to run get tried with you, you have to take PEP pills (Post Exposure Pills).

A great many people don’t have the foggiest idea about that they are normally given for nothing openly healing centers all over Kenya.

In any case, the medicinal faculty will solicit you parcels from inquiries and some of the time demand you to accompany the individual you laid down with.

Regardless of this you ought to demand being given the pills. However, imagine a scenario in which you would prefer not to persevere through the anxiety of open doctor’s facilities.

Go to a scientific expert. The pills cost around 2K. Better to be as cautious as possible right?

The pills are assumed control over a month and ought to be begun immediately. They are still compelling 72 hours after a the breaks however are best when taken as quickly as time permits.

There are solid in averting HIV contamination.

2. Wash your private. parts and take a piss

When the CD breaks, go wash you private. parts altogether and take a piss. This decreases the odds of STi contamination. Be that as it may this shouldn’t be the main measure you take. Fuse the others as well.

3. Take P2 Pills (For Pregnancy Prevention)

For chicks, the p2 pills, also called the E-pills or next day contraceptives are the best approach to avoid getting pregnant after a CD breaks.

These pills are for the most part compelling when taken immediately yet can be taken up to 72 hours after.

A few chicks can encounter symptoms, for example, incorporate stomach torment, queasiness, weakness, menstrual changes, and cerebral pains.

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