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Complete list of Nigerian looters released by World Bank – See the amount of money they stole


List of Nigerian looters released by World Bank: World Bank released names of Nigerian looters. The depositors and the amount in London, Swiss ($), USA($), Germany. You will be shocked at those on the list…. GEN IBRAHIM BABANGIDA 6.25bn 7.41bn 2.00bn 9.00bn

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida(6.25bn 7.41bn 2.00bn 9.00bn) born 17 August 1941, also known as IBB, is a retired Nigerian Army officer who was a military ruler of Nigeria. He ruled Nigeria from 27 August 1985, when he overthrew Major General Muhammadu Buhari in a coup, until his departure from office on 27 August 1993, having annulled the elections held on June 12 that year. General Babangida was a key player in most of the military coups in Nigeria (July 1966, February 1976, December 1983, August 1985, December 1985 and April 1990). There is evidence of severe human rights abuses during his regime.

General Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar(1.31bn 2.33bn 800M) born 13 June 1942. Is a Nigerian general who was President of Nigeria from 9 June 1998 until 29 May 1999. He succeeded Sani Abacha upon Abacha’s death. It was during Abubakar’s leadership that Nigeria adopted its new constitution on 5 May 1999, which provided for multiparty elections. Abubakar transferred power to president-elect Olusegun Obasanjo on 29 May 1999.

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  1. These are the group of leaders that looted our country, My prayer is that Almighty Allah will bless Nigeria with God fearing leaders.

  2. Igbo girls too like money oooh

  3. Then what next with this money?

  4. It’s unfortunate

  5. They are the one who put Nigerians in poverty because of their stealing but God is watching what they have did to the people of Nigeria.

  6. Why is Rawlings not a Nigerian? We would not have been in recession. There is God oooo.

  7. They are the problem of this country and God will pornich all of them

  8. Ignatius I U- ungwa Uza

    Buhari is the best leader. I thank God for this discovery.Let us joined him to fight corruption till 2022 come to an end.God shall be on our side.

    • We need another presido, let PMB remain the corruption fighter lest hunger kill us here

    • yunus abiodun sulaiman

      I pray for God fearing,better and ex-ordinary leadership in this country.I knew and believed those leaders that looter this country will bring into the book of justice. A great and oustanding economic is still coming to this country for present and next generation.(Amen).

    • do you lie hunger because you are easily deceived, all the years those monies were looted we did not have the problem of hunger in the land, who is the sent tell me is it the pmb ?, none, pmb is not fighting any corruption he is only fighting political opponent, he has more corrupt official than any other regime,



    • We have a lot of resources in our country why mass are suffered, remember they is God

  9. As they continues looting without sharing it with the poor one day, the poor will share their Poverty with them.

  10. Sorry, this kg, is not complete….

  11. what goes up must come down, no matter what Nigeria will still remain Nigeria because we are blessed.thanks to Almighty GOD Amen

  12. Y my name no dey dere…

  13. They brought stolen money and you collected and kept it in it banks till 2016 to write about it. Return the money plus interest accrued. Thanks.

    • God bless u 4 ur observation,u dey reason

    • If this government is sincere, president Obasanjo should have been returned back to prison with hard labour. He said stolen money was returned to the country by faceless person or agency or country and he kept it in his private account because of thieves in authority. He is a joker. He is the kingpin of looters of the country treasure. Return him to prison with hard labour.

  14. well the revelation is so good and sometime confusing; becos the same person that is fighting corruption is the same person parting with some of the supposed looter. as seen in our last independence part. or does it mean he did not know them or he took some as his pally and run after the rest that are not in his good book. God have mercy

    • The fact that he’s fighting corruption does not make him uncivil. Remember we run Democracy & not military regime. U wud have noticed that PMB himself is not comfortable with the limitations of this style of Govt unlike what u have in the military where they wud pick u up instantly. Democracy insists that u must smile with thieves and allow the institutions nail them.

      • What are you talking about fighting corruption? :/ is that all a leader should focus on? OK, when the corruption is gone (which is hardly, completely possible) and everybody is dead of hunger or has a severe famine, I suppose you will also suggest he starts fighting that too…for how long? PMB doesn’t care about Nigeria surviving, he is too stubborn with what “he” wants, irrespective of the changes or negative results coming from it!

    • You should know that pmb is not a judge or an investigative officer to know the looters at a glance. And be reminded that pmb is the respecter of the rule of law.Pmb is doing his best to shape this country! Pray for him so that Nigeria will be great, and answer it’s name as the giant of Africa. May God help Nigeria

  15. IBB should be made to return all that he has looted from naija. He was d 1st military man to loot from naija not only Abacha

  16. These stories are lies until you complete your write ups. Some key players are still living. Did they also bribe you you?

  17. wicked leaders,who want to use money in the next generation.insensitivity

  18. We all know that Abacha is dead. Who is talking about those who are still alive? Are they above the law or could it be because they are northerners.?

  19. I guess they are heaping these looted money for it to be spent hereafter.


  21. I want to report the allegations & conspiracy going on inside CBN with foreign investors/financiers funds & how they try to frustrate & sabotage the businesses coming in the country..

    I am a 41 years old businessmen and contractor.
    CBN have refused to released the funds sent down for approved project?

    I am involved in one of the projects to be carried out since late April 2016 up till now?

    The would needs to know this and Mr. President should look into CBN because i really don’t think he knows what is going on in there?

    The secretary, treasury and the Governor in CBN are all involved in these alleged conspiracy, frustration and sabotage of investors/financiers coming intorcountry to improve it?

  22. I want to report the allegations & conspiracy going on inside CBN with foreign investors/financiers funds & how they try to frustrate & sabotage the businesses?

  23. How sure are you that it’s authentic and substantiated ? You people are ignorant,you are ready to accept any bad news against prominent persons because you are sadsts and jealouse elements

    • Go and sit down Abban liti. Are you trying to say you need a Prophet to tell you the likes of IBB and Abacha are not just Criminals but Murderers at the highest order? You call people sadists for expressing their view. Or are you a beneficiary of their loots (directly or indirectly)?
      Better wake up!

  24. Then what next now to the money discovered.

  25. I wish to receive update of new posts by email

  26. If actually buhari is fighting corruption, what prevents him now to pounce on lBB to recover the loots on his account. Buhari should stop intimidation of opposition party called corruption fighting.

  27. I hope we shall still vote for these people whenever they emerge as presidential candidates in this same country?

  28. The looters are more than the one we see here, and its only people like us who actually witness their era that that knows how bad they are, and that is why no matter what we will continue to support Buhari He has more opportunity to enrich himself more than anyone of them but he refuse to steal our money and it is because he didint steal that was why he was able to stand up.which that is what most youth of today dont know that make them to be saying all sort of nonsense against him. May God Amighty guide and protect Buhari

  29. If PMB cannot arrest these criminals and try them but allow them to parade the streets of Nigeria freely while he claims anti- corruption crusade he is a blatant lair. He is not fighting corruption because the the real corrupt leaders are still alive moving freely and holding meetings with him

  30. only this two?

  31. In 2000 , World Bank published this list of looters which was given to President OBJ according to the paper.. There were alot of them but OBJ did not do anything about that list. Let us hope our PMB will revisit that list.With all these stolen monies kept in foreign Countries,why are these monies not seized and repatriated back to us or Does it take two to tangle. Different strokes for different people.

  32. world bank you should make it known to all nigerians to pest each account numbers so that some of this money willbe send to us,we nigerians are living in hell…..what a wicked country,,,,its a regratible mensu and also a fagruberous elementico masosi

  33. Those who steal our collective resources are unknowingly stealing the lifes of their unborn great grand children living their lives today.

  34. The problem remains that Nigeria is not a nation and is/can never function . . . so looting continues . . . unfortunatelly the more the Northerners loot the poorer the citizens become and the more the kill themself and economy . . . . one Nigeria my foot
    The bitter truth is . . . secession or regional government . . . else . . no way for Nigeria

  35. EFCC should move into action to retrieve the said billions as it is done to others.

  36. My concern is that, they have have exchanged their soul with money. They will regret in Hereford forever except they repent and return the loot

  37. Some of them are now going against buhari. They are afraid of being arrested.

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