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‘What Made Us Overthrew & Sent Buhari To Prison In 1985! — IBB Revealed Shocking Revelations


On November 22, 1985, President Ibrahim Babangida spent 105 minutes with a Newswatch team of Dele Giwa, Ray Ekpu, Dan Agbese, Yakubu Mohammed and May Ellen Ezekiel. During the interview, he talked about himself, the parting of ways with Buhari and Idiagbon, the challenges facing his 100-day old government and his hope for the future. Below are the excerpts as compiled then by Dele Olojede:

Q: When did it occur to you that you can be the president?

IBB: On August 27, 1985. People still believe that I nursed a lot of ambition, but I don’t think it ever occurred to me before that time.

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  1. What made us Overthrow Buhari in 1985?,complete story please.

    • Dr. Abbas Bubakar El-ta'alu

      It’s okay, it has passed away; come together now and build the nation!!!

      • Thunder fire u and the rest of hausa fulani terrorist you all are!!!!!!
        who and who should come and build which nation???? the emergence of horrible and evil cursed creatures like u and the rest of your hausa fulani terrorist kinsmen put the destiny of this whole nation in shamble. let me tell you what you dont know, when darkness like you people fights against Gods children, God will fight you right from the top to the least of you and your descendants. maybe you have not noticed, as power hungry and christian blood thirsty as you people are, God has decided to Finish you people gradually. Yaradua came and quenched almost immediately, Your Buhari_Boko haram terrorist kinsman has followed. if you like Go and bring back your Hell imprisoned MOHAMMED to become president in Nigeria, he wount last one year in office. you and the rest of your evil blood sucking terrorists kinsmen are Cursed with everlasting curse from above.
        we dont need you and your backward evil religion and ideology in our society. come to think of it, you are not even Nigerians.

    • What happens to concluded story

    • God know the best.What change since then?

  2. Punch of foolish men

  3. Where is the rest of d story?

  4. Adejare John Anifowose Ajala

    Let’s read the full story please.

  5. Wrong impression.

    • If and when IBB participated in every coup that were meant to be corrective, of what impact was his government to the nation?

  6. what happen if the coup would have failed?

  7. Notice here again that the full story will never be given.

  8. Nigerians need to know the real story, to learn lesson from it.

  9. All.Rasak Olamide

    Wish to read full detail of this article.

  10. Ishaku Musa Turkanny

    If its true, complete the story, if not ur not serious.

  11. Joseph kindness aferhena

    He contributed immensely to de down fall of Di’s nationa

  12. Amadioha is trying to tell us who is nigerian and who is not but from what you wrote i truely will you should go and really study ur nigerian history very well,,nt been rude just saying thanks

  13. I don’t think.it is wise for us to listen to these bunch of fools past story…. ok

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