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Reasons Why We Should Never Vote Buhari Again – Obasanjo


The recent outburst by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, against President Muhammadu Buhari, National Assembly Members, Judges, among others, is the more reason why the incumbent President will lose woefully in the forthcoming 2019 poll, an Aide close to Obasanjo, hinted Post-Nigeria on Wednesday night.

The Aide who preferred to remain anonymous, disclosed that, “Baba will never again support Buhari, because he has disappointed those who brought him to power, and the nation in general.
“I must confess, the lecture the former President delivered, was a true reflection of his stance on Buhari’s government… I repeat, I doubt if Obasanjo will ever throw his weight behind Buhari again.”
He added: “Obasanjo has been complaining secretly, not intending to make his complaint public, in order not to overheat the polity, but there is no best time to open up, except now.”

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  1. Obasanjo will not support Buharis return because, he didn’t pay their pension. That’s the reason why

  2. You are a big fool. Don’t they pay him when they were their? This for national interest not sentimental issue.

    • Austin, must you display your garage mentality here? How do you me he is a big fool?

    • Paying them or not, he’s not going to be supported by even the masses.

      • Baba is a old man i will never abuse him. Baba should give us a break. We are tire of an old man who because of his ego will not see beyond his nose. It was a protest against a man who will rather be himself rather than be baba’s puppet that led him to choose Buhari in the first instance, it is not as if he believed in him. Now that Buhari shit in his mouth and put salt baba should just swallow it and allow Nigerian to rest; period.

  3. The issue of Buhari should cause fight or exchange of words here please. our president is a failure and he can’t continue this again in 2019. he should go and rest

  4. The cabal is messed up!

    In Mama Peace’s voice **God is watching**
    Hey mods, I like your “Click the box below to continue reading…” Google is watching you!!

  5. Austin is right, must somebody talk senselessly on a platform like this. This an act of immaturity . Everybody is feeling the impact of the administration, notwithstanding , the President is trying, but his trying is not making any positive result. People should tell him .

  6. prophet charles ..

    May God help us all in Jesus name AMEN..

  7. When expectation did not meet up with experience you have a big, big problem. We expect very much from Buhari some of the things we expect is that the economy will experience superlative boom but we got recession, we thought food will be in aboundance and we got hunger and just in case you think there will be relative peace we got plenty of kidnapping and roberry surge plus plenty community crisis from Zmfara to Benue and Kaduna states and to say the least soldiers continue to get missing on operaration, boko haram is stiill not wiped out in three months! and ask the government this question so far how much is recovered from the war against corruption and how many culprits aare imprisoned?

  8. Nigeria’s problem is of age and one cannot totally apportion the blame on one administration. We have a faulty background and structural deficiency embedded in the constitution of the land, hence, the dysfunctionality in functional and operational exhibition of the order in both political, economy and otherwise in the land.But the government that take a bold step to restructure the system will only succeed and put it in the right part.

  9. Many Nigerians are ignorant.Okonjo lweala recently said that Nigerians cannot continue to blame Buhari for the current downturn of the economy. She claimed that despite all entreaties, Jonathan administration failed to save for the rainy days. She added Joe lacked the political will to manage the economy. Iwesla should know as she served under obj& Jonathan. When we factor in the low price of crude oil at the global market & the sabotage of pipelines by militants in the Niger Delta,then we all can appreciate the enormity of the headache Bihari is battling. We should give him our support & time. He didn’t bring us to this tragic pass!

  10. @Olubiyi. Iweala granted more than one interview on the matter of saving. in one of the interview, she pointed out that the governor’s forum led by Amechi quoted constitution for jonathan which restricted him from saving. recently a serving gov said saving is not entrenched in the country’s constitution. likr someone said. Nigeria is complex. until we put national interest above political and selfish interest we may not have a headway in the country.

  11. The best thing that can happen to this great country of ours is to allow to break into at least two nations

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