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American Rapper Lil Wayne Announces That He Is Left With Only A Month To Live, See What He Wished To Do


Indeed this is sad news in “THE INDUSTRY” or preferably the Hip Hop music industry this period of time. New Orleans Rapper Lil Wayne made shocking statement this morning time in Atlanta after calling a press meeting, Wizzy who seemed to have lost a lot of weight announced to his fans and the press that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and his Doctors said he only has five weeks to live. See what He wishes to do before dying.

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  1. Lil Wayne to come to On Nigeria for treatment. We can treat him for free only if he accept ISLAM.

    • Religious with condition Godforbeat

      • Suleian Abbas, u should be ashamed that you can not preach to someone to accept Islam, only to give kayan duniya in exchange.

    • Really most he accept Islam b4 u treat him….dats no ow work slam works.u treat people for Allah sake.pls don’t say dat again

    • Convert to Muslim cose of conditions for wat? U no wrk

    • addini dole ne??? shame and God forbid it.

    • What rubbish talk is this….. I can’t remember my religion having this kind of yeye condition. Na una de allow pple to insult our religion

    • Lil'Rika-Assassin

      Why will you put religion in this issue asshole. Fucking terrorist.

    • Lil Wayne don’t need to come to Nigeria before he get ill, He should just surrender his life for God where ever he is and I believe in almighty God I serve the Alfa and omega, whose know the end from the beginning. God who know Lil Wayne himself will ill him

    • How many citizen have u treated rather shading more blood, brother that is not how preach about believe. Not by kill innocent souls or does it mean u guys are serving dead God dat cant fight his battle himself. If u believe dat he god exist den just give out he preaching to dem and allow him to do the spiritual work, cus i believe dat God is spirits so let leave things of d spirit to spirit. But still Jesus is my believe

    • Shamsudeen maiyaki

      Please stop embarrassing us, if u dnt have something important to say keep shot nd pray for him that’s all he needs.No body says u must Make a comment talk more of putting religion into such issue

    • He better die than him to be a Muslim

  2. That’s not ow it works in Islam

  3. Lilwayen just pray to your God to keep you alive

  4. Lil should seek the face of God, repent of his sin for we’ve have all sin and come shot of his glory.nothing difficult for God to do ,he will grant him total health. IJN Amen

  5. Chai, Bye Bye Yo! #wayne

  6. Prophet chris ocean alfredudoe

    My dear come to Jesus now the power to heal you of all your sicknesses will come on you.this is real an the trueth about the man Jesus Christ he has the power.to chang that an you live just say yes to him now,the years you have spent with out will not be counted.so with him you can not an shall not die just say yes him now.he is calling you the door is opend come in an live an have life,+2348027961147,+2348072881216.

  7. hmmm dats nyc

  8. Come to naija,God will use TB.joshua to heal u

  9. G every body who believe in Christ Jesus have never be left away. Just believe he can heal you and promise him never to go back in sin.. Jesus loves you and we love you too for ever.

  10. Suleiman Abas……. U need to be treated for brain wave if u accept Christianity..u speak of Islam without thinking of it being the violent religion……

  11. Wayne,come to Jesus and u shall be healed.cheers

  12. Michael Dwanye… Wat a pity…u songs left me Awe…God pls, heal Michael Dwanye… God pls, forgive his many many sins n have mercy on him. I luv u

  13. Everybody will die one day

  14. If is he could be treated , as a Christian we will help even if he beloved in nothing . Humanity is done based on religious setiment. And In Christianity Jesus loves all.

  15. But if I may ask , which of the Nigerian clinics or Hospital do you guys intend to admit Wayne. Buhahahaha!!!!!!

  16. Lily wyne Jesus Christ didn’t come because of those that are saved already He came because of people that are in a situation like this they is know sin that is too big for Him to forgive just believe and say a word to Him and make a promise to leave your life for Him if He heals you. He is a merciful Jesus!

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