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SECRET REVEALED: How Gowon betrayed Aguiyi Ironsi, his boss who trusted him till death In 29th July 1966


In Nigeria’s political history, the fate of two military officers – one dead, one still living – was decided by a specific date. The first officer was 41 years, 10 months when he became the Head of State. Six months later, he was removed in a bloodbath. His predecessor was 31 years, nine months when he succeeded the former as Commander-in-Chief (known then as Supreme Commander). Nine years later, he was removed in a bloodless coup. That is the story of the late Major-General Johnson Thomas Umunakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi, Nigeria’s first military ruler, and his successor, General Yakubu Gowon. In 1966, Aguiyi-Ironsi was killed. In 1975, Gowon was removed from office. But the events happened on the same date – July 29. Today, Nigerians will, once again, reflect on the drama that occurred decades ago, which led to fundamental changes in the country’s history, writes GABRIEL AKINADEWO.

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  1. All this news is to actualize that Nigeria divide. Gowon stood a hero when he spoke of a “no victor, no vanquish” after the civil war. CNN should not tell us a different history aside the one we have that is VERY TRUE. Gowon was obedient to Ironsi to the end.
    Nigeria can never be divided. Yes we have our challenges, but for sure WE SHALL OVERCOME.
    Stay off us and deal with your problems first.
    Was it not you people that were party to discrediting your president elect Donald Trump, Now all of you are ashamed he won. If i were Him i will first close you down.

    • Nigeria is unity in diversity and God Almighty did not created Nigeria to be one-united. That’s why,there are so many differences in Nigeria; such as in:weather, character, foods, belief,religions,languages,mode and types of dressing,tribes and tribal marks, etc.That’s how Nature made it and we can’t change Nature.The truth must be told completely,accurately and appropriately. Thanks.

    • To say that there was no vanquished is a rape on justice and a brazen abuse of the people who lost thousands of theirs to the war. After signing the Aburi Accord, the Nigerian government betrayed and still betrays what would have been the best decision by any of her leaders.

    • Mr. MAN

      There’s Conspiracy behind the story.

      Yakubu is a betraya.

    • He claims to be a hero. What has he said or done about fulani men killing women and children .
      Well I ain’t got time for them. As for me Nigeria has never had a good leader yet.

    • Thanks for reminding them, we still have good people in Nigeria.

  2. since Nigeria became State no good leaders ever rule us.They are bird of the same feather.Agurosi because Hausa want to Nigeria.Is the time for us to divided.

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